New Lucid Dementia Live Footage Lyric Music Video for "Ignorance":

Lucid Dementia Show September 30th 2018!

At the Texas Cult Classic Convention!
1408 Chestnut St. Bastrop, Texas 78602

We will be playing at around 2pm. 
Check out their website and Facebook page for more info!

(Pic by Robert Cheney)













Lucid Dementia is now on Instagram!
More pics of the band!  More content!  More grams!

Lucid Dementia released 4 new singles!
2 of the songs are previously unreleased songs that were recording during the making of the album "When The World Leaves You Behind": "I'm Never" and "Here Comes The Fear". The other 2 are remixes: Zombies (redundant nature remix) and "When The World Leaves You Behind" (Sheldy13 remix).
Lucid Dementia will be selling limited special edition Lucid Dementia flash drives at the show, that will include the new songs and all Lucid Dementia music previously released at the very special price of $40.00 each.
The singles will only be available on the flash drives or for download.
Also, check out this video by Ste7en Canham!
It includes samples of the songs and the Album covers!

If you haven't seen it yet, here it is,
Lucid Dementia's first all pro Music Video ever!

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