Lucid Dementia Show!:

Well, that was a fun night. Thank you Texas Mist for helping us put on an awesome show last night, with your stellar sound system, awesome sound guys and your especially welcoming attitude towards original aggressive metal type music. Thank you Requiem Rust for your solid performance. You guys are a blast to play with! A big ol' bloody thanks to the The Razorblade Dolls (official) for being part of this. It's always such an honor for us to share a stage with you. Thank you to all the fans that came out too! The whole thing was like a family gathering. It was like that romantic comedy movie about that big southern family reunion... I think it was called "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"?

Saturday, January 12th 2019

At: Texas Mist

Spinning: DJ Slugg (Hell on Wax!)


Requiem Rust (10:30pm)

The Razorblade Dolls (11:30pm)

Lucid Dementia (12:30am)

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