lucid dementia


Lucid Dementia (aka "Luci")

A six foot tall alien creature puppet (A "Xenobaebe"!) put on this planet as punishment for the high crime of behaving "human". Although she is curious about human behavior, she holds humans in the highest contempt, and does not quite understand how they are able to stay up on their hind legs. She does find that the tastier humans tend to be the more repulsive ones though...
sheldon reynolds Sheldon

Puppet Master - who is controlling who? A dark angel, a white witch, a voodoo manipulator of sound and programming, the lead channeler of Luci's voice. He is a pawn for Luci, for whom Luci cannot exist without. He is, quite mad, but only because the truth has made him so.

holly barentine

Lead femme vox, dark fairy queen. She is beautiful and strange, and would find it funny to use your blood in a sweet fairy pie. She is the only humanoid that has some control over Luci... Luci has some respect for her. Be fooled by her.

Azil X

Drum crusher. Undead from the future. Why is she here in our time? Perhaps a warning can be heard in the rhythms she plays. Reading the code would consume you. Hearing it is to dance. When she plays, drums and machine become one. She was one of the earliest to join Luci and Sheldon.


His fingers on the guitar complete the darkest conspiracy that results in the emitting sounds that proceed.  The noise and manipulations dance in your ears, the tones are at once solidified and somewhere an order has been given to bring down the man.

Tim Duvall

Electrical low tones drip from his fingers like a Texas thunderstorm.  Heard and Felt like witchcraft, but the force of it comes from beyond the grave.  He masters the basslines of Lucid Dementia.  He wills them to do his bidding to anyone close enough to come in contact with their power.