Reviews for Trickery

Absolute Zero Media Webzine: “Their Dark Electro Goth meets Hardrock elements are rather enjoyable. I could very well see this band on Metropolis, Projekt or Middle Pillar as this is the very vibe they give with a mix of Male and Female vocals both very effected and the Fuzzy guitars electro Drums and synth sound. "Trickery" is a fun journey…”
-Absolute Zero Media Webzine

ReGen Magazine: “Austin, Texas based electro/gothic performance band, Lucid Dementia have released their strongest work to date, Trickery. Incorporating an incredibly distinctive and almost childlike element in their music, Lucid Dementia's work has a sort of sing-along feel, but with a very dark edge.”
–Trubie Turner

The Austin Chronicle: “Trickery, cranked up to 11, nearly nails the locals' live weaponized-puppetry theatrics and throbs with enough rusty iron hooks to sate even Uncle Frank's Cenobite fetish.
– Marc Savlov

Chain DLK: “The musical complexity (flutes, asian instrument samples, harp etc) of their composition is ambitious and worthy of notice…”, “Overall a well thought out album that speaks to their skills and dedication.”
– Marc Urselli-Schaerer

Side-Line Magazine: “…moving from punk to electro to rock to techno. Just imagine a band, which tries to merge all these influences together. The result is simply surprising…”

Noizz Magazine: “The sound of Lucid Dementia is like a cocktail shaker of Industrial sounds, Dark Electro and Rock In addition play with an infantile part and another macabre one that contribute to the theatricality of the style that characterizes to the band.

Morbid Outlook Magazine: “Overall, this is a great listen for angry teens drenched in angst and looking for something to be angry along side of. The Marilyn Manson type theatrics and catchy beats will keep the nostalgic teen that never grew up in you feeling right at home.
–Steven Ghillany

Subcity Radio:“Lyrics are concerned with human falsity, fanatism, stupidity, etc. And that would be another strong point of the album, particularly taking into account emptiness and a purely hedonistic nature of the most contemporary rock songs. Definitely a good album worth a recomendation for all those bored with hordes of happy-go-lucky indie/electro bands.
–KacperK Sep 20, 2008

Reviews for The List

Grave Concerns E-Zine: "From the caustic, abrasive intro of "I.R.T.", the addictive chorus of "F.U.T.", to the brilliantly danceable "The Dirtiest Word", I fully enjoyed The List. This is not just performance art, this is the new breed of intelligent music."
- Jeremy Eckhart

Legends Magazine: "pushing the sarcasm to its limits and striking against humanities various hypocricies from Luci's wiser alien perspective."
- Marcus Pan

A Town Comics:"gets in your head like a Saturday morning cartoon theme and you can't stop thinking about it."
- Maria Mesa

Chain DLK: "Poised, in my opinion, to be one of the top CD releases of 2004 is Lucid Dementia's "The List."
- sKristofer Upjohn

Wet Works E-Zine: "The List" is truly innovative. While it runs the gamut of goth-rock, goth-pop and industrial dance, it really is more than just the sum of its parts. You can feel that Lucid Dementia is in its prime and having fun on this record."
- Jason David

Side-Line Magazine: ".moving from punk to electro to rock to techno. Just imagine a band, which tries to merge all these influences together. The result is simply surprising."
- Fahnuir


Lucid Dementia Live! Reviews

Rank & Revue Magazine (Room 710):August 7th 2004 "fake blood. . seems to be doing the trick for them. Their audience was pretty good sized, they came specifically to see Lucid Dementia and then transformed into a mauve mist and vanished before the stage was cleared for the next band." -???

Elysium:August 19th, 2003 I was always entertained by Lucid Dementia, the sheer novelty of puppets was enough to do it for me. .the band sounds much better and the changes have really done a lot to improve their appeal for me. I'm real curious to see what else is going to happen with Lucid Dementia and how else their music is going to evolve. -Darren Davila