Music Style:
Lucid Dementia is a horror based hybrid mix of Metal, Electronic and Industrial music fronted by a female/male vocals combo.

Interesting sounds, powerful guitar riffs, hooks so deep you bleed, drums that really thump, the vocal insanity of a children's puppet show, bass lines that dance and the wonderful horror of living.

Lucid Dementia is an Avant Garde Industrial Metal band from Austin, Texas that is led by a 6 foot tall alien creature puppet.
"I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but quite frankly, I was blown away!!! This band is great! They’re Goth, punk, and tight as hell. I couldn’t stop pounding my feet and bobbing my head. I defy you not to get off!"
-John Aielli, KUT radio 90.5FM

Lucid Dementia released their 4th full length album, “When The World Leaves You Behind” On January 26th, 2013. A national assault of shows and promotions is planned, including local CD release parties and events. Follow up music videos are also in the works.
Lucid Dementia was first conceived in 1996 by founding band member Sheldon Reynolds, influenced by bands such as Thrill Kill Kult, Skinny Puppy and Marilyn Manson. He wanted to create fantastical, dark, electronic music, as well as a band that could perform it. By 1997 he released their first album “Twisted” whose title track was snapped up by the record label COP International and put on their all female industrial compilation “Deus Ex Machina”. This gave the band instant international attention and acclaim, which also led to the inclusion of 2 of their songs on the CBS television show “NCIS”.

Lucid Dementia is also the name of the puppet that leads the band, nicknamed “Luci” for short and is the lead singer of the band, giving the lead vocals its distinct puppetty, silly, but creepy sound. “Speaking clearly about demented subject matter” is also the idea behind the name, as told lyrically in each song, with some a little more “Dementia” than “Lucid” and visa versa. For the first few years Luci performed the entire show with the band, but now only opens the show, as a new insane character was created, as performed by Sheldon, which is similar to Luci in voice, but much more human in appearance.

 Each strange performance is as unpredictable as it is disturbing and may involve blood, gore, body parts, or something as simple as a grotesque body movement fitting for the music. Lucid Dementia performances charge and excite the most placid of crowds and has performed for mainstream festivals such as the Pecan Street Festival, or for children at the San Antonio Haunted House: “Nightmare at Grayson” (They can perform at a G rating if needed) and have opened for nationally touring bands such as Clan of Xymox, Thrill Kill Kult and Switchblade Symphony. Lucid Dementia has won multiple awards within their genre, including winning twice the Best Goth/Industrial Band in the SXSW Austin Chronicle Music Poll.

Although in the past Lucid Dementia songs were based on the alien Luci’s contempt for mankind, the new album “When The World Leaves You Behind” is based on ghosts stories with upcoming music videos and performances (or rather “séances”) that will reflect this. This new conception of the band is sure to horrify and entertain audiences lucky enough to witness it.

Television: The Songs "Twisted" and "Cannibal" have been used on the CBS Nationally Broadcast television show: "NCIS“. They have also performed twice during EXSE for ChannelAustin.

Film: 7 of Lucid Dementia’s songs were used in the Horror Movie “Sweatshop”.

Performance: Lucid Dementia is being played by underground djs all over the world. Lucid Dementia has performed in Austin, Pflugerville, Buda, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, San Marcos, Manitou Springs, and Colorado Springs, opening for international touring acts such as “Combichrist”, “Green Jellÿ”, “Blood”, "Switchblade Symphony", "Clan Of Xymox", "Kevorkian Death Cycle", "Razed In Black“ and “Crux Shadows”.

Press: Lucid Dementia has been reviewed by The Austin Chronicle, The Austin American Statesman,Outburn Magazine, Industrial Nation (Magazine), Interface Magazine and Newgrave Magazine.

Radio: Lucid Dementia has appeared on the Austin public access TV show: "Rawtime", as well as a live recording at Austins NPR station KUT 90.5FM.

Lucid Dementia History

2018:  Update coming soon!

2014-2017:  The band has continued to play live in support of the new album, added backing video to their live shows and in 2016 celebrated their 20th year as a band.

The new album "When The World Leaves You Behind" was released on January 26th.  An Album release party was performed at Elysium in Austin on April 5th.  A video featuring Horror movie start from Phantasm Micheal Baldwin for the song "It Came From The Dead" was shot and released and has garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube.

This year the band continued to work hard on the new album, completing all major recording by November.   In June they went on a  3 day tour with Apocalypse Theater and The Revolution Circus.

Lucid Dementia placed 2nd for best Gothic/Industrial band, losing only to nationally recognized One Eyed Doll. Lucid Dementia played a special set during SXSW for the Bass Invasion show case (not an official showcase). The band also started buckling down to record their new album, so they didn't play as many shows this year. The band studio updated to a new computer system and started using Cubase 6. The next album is gearing up to be one of their best ever, hopefully to be released in 2012.

The movie "Sweatshop" was released with 7 or 8 songs by Lucid Dementia in the sound track. Lucid Dementia appeared at the Horror convention Texas Frightmare Weekend with much success. Lucid Dementia continued to perform in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Lucid Dementia performed a special guest performance at RealmsCon in Corpus Christi. They ended the year with a charity performance on Halloween night for Scare for a Cure.

Lucid Dementia continues to play live and tour Texas in support of their newest album "Trickery".  Lucid Dementia survived the Thunder of Gods festival debacle, finally getting to play  a show with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.  s7eVen the guitarist left the band in July to pursue other interests, but the X-Guitarist from Kraked Surface "STE7EN" joined the band.

The new album “Trickery” is finally finished and the official release date was on April 4th, 2008, the cd release party was on the same night at Elysium with G-Fire and Subnatural opening. Lucid Dementia has currently been in talks with The Razorblade Dolls about playing show together in Dallas and in Houston. Most likely this will begin in May. Film maker and Director Stacy Davidson used “Dirtiest Word” and “FUT” in the previews for his newest movie “Sweatshop”. He will probably be using Lucid Dementia music in the movie as well. There will also be a cd release party by Havok in Houston on April 29th at The Jet Lounge.  The Song "Cannibal" was used on the CBS Nationally Broadcast television show: "NCIS" for episode #107, on April 15th.

Lucid Dementia continued work on the new album, as well as play shows locally, including shows with the Houston promotional team “Havok”. They also headlined a Halloween benefit for Sluggo Magazine creater Nick West. They also opened for the internationally known Japanese gothic band “Blood”. They were also once again voted Best Gothic Industrial Band in the SXSW Austin Chronicle Music Awards. Cindy Adzuki also joined the band, as well as recorded on the new album, playing Flute, Theremin and Violin.

This was a great year for Lucid Dementia. Lucid Dementia had never played a single show during the Austin festival, "SXSW" and this year Lucid Dementia played 3! After this the band took a break from playing live so they could spend more time working on new music for the 3rd full length album. Meanwhile, Ann Marie moved to Dallas to work with another project she has been working on, and Nik stepped into her place. Also, ûzeful moved on to work on his own band. Lord Byron Payne stepped up to take on being our sole guitar manipulator. This change gave Luci a little more room on stage to jump and whip about. The song “Twisted” was used on the television show “NCIS”, during a Halloween episode.

This proved to be an amazing year for Lucid Dementia. We smashed the Austin Chronicle Music Awards (see above). The full on 6 piece band proved to be a very powerful force during live shows (audiences leave the venue still shaking). Lucid Dementia played a show to the general public at The Pecan Street Festival, and was overwhelmingly appreciated. Lucid Dementia also played to a crowd of rowdy bikers at The Republic of Texas Biker Rally, and not a single bottle was thrown, rather, they loved us, and we were actually invited to next years Biker Rally at Sturgis! Many more amazing shows were to follow, including opening slots for The Crux Shadows and X-Singer of "The Misfits": "Michael Graves"!

This is the year of the release of the highly anticipated 2nd album by Lucid Dementia: "The List" The List was released with brilliant reviews and praise. The song "F.U.T." from the album charted 16th in the top 100 for 2004 on the online radio station, "The Electric Front" (there is a link to the website on our links page). A 2nd guitarist, Lord Byron Payne, was added to the band, as well as a new Bass player, Ann Marie. Both pro-players, The Lucid Dementia show became a well polished professional act. Now tighter than ever, new venues and shows began to open up for them.

The band is a machine this year, playing shows in Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, San Marcos, and (FINALLY!!!) Houston. Not just any show in Houston, but the annual Vampyre ball at #'s. They also did a small halloween tour in October, playing Austin(Elysium), Houston(Numbers), and San Antonio(Communion). On the way to the Communion show, Sheldon and Holly are in a 3 car pileup, Sheldon is okay, but Holly suffers a concussion with whiplash, and a sore back. She played the show anyway! In the middle of the Communion show, Sheldon (as Luci) fell off the stage, and bent his knee the wrong way, tearing some ligaments. Sheldon didn't walk very well for a few months. What a fun show! (and oh yeah, he finished the show!).

Work on The List continues. A local film production company found interest in filming a video for the band.
Lucid Dementia continued to work hard on the new album. They also began to play some of the new songs live. Cassandra (female Vox) and Vincent (guitar) leave the band to pursue other artistic interests. Holly (female vox), ûzeful (guitar), join the band, and for the first time since its inception, they add a bass player: Twitchy. After a few months of revamping the bands dynamics, the band plays a private show at a house party to a packed house, and blow the room away. The new members, including the added bass player really fill up the bands sound.
The band is sounding better than ever.

Lucid Dementia continues work on 2nd album. Meanwhile, they expand their playing fields to San Antonio and Dallas. Lucid Dementia is signed up to appear on benefit cd: "Austin New Music Project Winter 2001 Compilation". Also, Lucid Dementia receives a smashing review by new Los Angeles magazine "New Grave", which helps to inject Lucid Dementia music into club dj playlists all over the LA area. Yay! We're being played in LA!

The limited edition promotional cd single "Song For Newborn" is released, with an official cd release party at the "Atomic Cafe". That summer, Lucid Dementia goes on their first tour of America. The tour was a great success. Sheldon revamps the Lucid Dementia compound studio, building a computer system with the ability to record and sequence the next full length Lucid Dementia album. This proves to be a slow, expensive, difficult task, but was well worth it.

Christian leaves the band, to go record with his famous jazz guitar playing Uncle in Spain. Vincent is quickly dug up to fill his space.

Lucid Dementia was taken under the wing of the late Randall Goodwin, and his club "Atomic Cafe". With his guidance Lucid Dementia grew into the professional band that it is today, as well as gave them the opportunity to play with such great bands as "Clan Of Xymox", "Switchblade Symphony", "Kevorkian Death Cycle", "Terminal 46", and "Razed In Black". Randall passed away in 1999. Although he is greatly missed, his lessons in the music business lived on with the band.

The first full length Lucid Dementia CD is released: "Twisted". That same year, the first incarnation of the "Tribe" was gathered, including: Sheldon - Puppetmaster, Cassandra - Female Vox and Didgeridoo, AzilX - Drums, Christian - Guitar Contortionist. Shortly after the cds release, Lucid Dementia was signed by the label "COP International", for the one time inclusion on the internationally released gothic-industrial compilation for women: "Diva Ex Machina2".

Spawned in 1996
by creator Sheldon Reynolds, he sought out to create music that was similar to the industrial music he loved during the 80's, but did not sound like anything ever composed before. The original name of the band was: "The fall and rise of Lucid Dementia, as performed by The Tribe Of The Tantrick Puke Whores". This was shortened to the current name quickly thereafter. The artists on this release were Sheldon (Programming, Singing, Guitars) Kitty Mao (Female Vox and Samples) Kali 666 (Xtra Guitarwork).