Music Video for: "It Came From The Dead" (2014 Extended Cut)

Lucid Dementia - AUSTX- July 14th 2010 Red 7

Lucid Dementia AusTx July 14th 2010 Red 7

Lucid Dementia at Numbers June 1st 2010

This was at the club Numbers in Houston with Dead PA opening and Android Lust headlining.

"I Don't Belong" Live at Club Encore Austin Austin, Texas. February 13th, 2010. Filmed by Quoth Andrew Zeronine

heaTHEN live at The Curtian Club Dallas, Texas. January 8th, 2010. Filmed by Quoth Andrew Zeronine

Lies Video

This is a music video for the song "Lies" from Lucid Dementia's newest album "Trickery". The live footage was shot in the Channel Austin studios during EXSE, a television program that took place during SXSW in Austin, Texas, March 19th 2009. Special thanks to Steve Durchin.


Same video below from "You Tube" (for those that can't wait for the wmv to download :)

Creep Video Download

Video for "Creep" From the Album: "The List"
Special thanks to Videographer:
Bonn Bonn Ramsey
5.37 MB

Lucid Dementia Commercial

This is an awesome Commercial created for us by Bonn Bonn Ramsey featuring the voice of Emmy Award Winning FX guy Thom Surprenant! Check it out: