1. I'm Never

From the recording I'm Never

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Artwork: Rachael Dobos
This song was written and produced around the same time the Lucid Dementia album "When The World Leaves You Behind" was being produced. The band felt that the song stood on its own and is now releasing it as a single. This song is about hypocritical religious zealots possessed by evil ghosts.


I’m Never

I’m never gonna see the light but I see the darkness in your eyes.

Wavy wavy booky book
I don’t need to take a look
The hate you spread is in your head
You wish it hard to raise the dead
And the moral stories that you’re keeping
Does nothing good but keep you sleeping
You wield it like a sword of power
But the contradictions raze your tower
never, gonna see the, light you speak of, with your bald lies
No I’m never, gonna see the, light your selling, with your bold lies

Something in you is proceeding
Something angry and misleading
Maybe it’s cause all your greeding
Or the conscience that you’re needing
The wicked way you keep repeating
And robbing those in your proceeding
A sociopathic way of feeding
On your victims that you keep on bleeding
Darkness, that I see is, indication, of your bad lies
Yes the darkness, that I see is, condemnation, of your sad lies

in your eyes,
in your eyes,
in your eyes…