From the recording Here Comes The Fear

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Artwork: Rachael Dobos
This song was written and produced around the same time the Lucid Dementia album "When The World Leaves You Behind" was being produced. The band felt that the song stood on its own and is now releasing it as a single. Lucid Dementia can be very creepy to some. Here they come.


Here comes the fear
Here comes the fear
Here comes the fear
Whenever we are near
Here comes the fear
Here comes the fear
Here comes the fear
We’ve got to get the hell out of here

Shapeless horror distorting the order
Wet like water waiting for the slaughter
Darkness wearer makes the error
A black letter worn by its bearer
Lost forever we try it however
the endeavor is severed it’s spoken never
we wait in terror
we wait in terror

Shadows creep impairs the sleep
the horror seeps the minds eye weeps
Sounds of feet running loud and deep
The heart beats under the sheet
Something bleeds or smells like it’s sweet
A felt need to be free from this unforeseen
This is not a dream
This is not a dream (I scream)

Shadows cast into the night
Spreads across the pail moonlight
The dead will try with all its might
To share its secrets that are locked up tight