1. Zombies
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A Ghost infection of the dead
From the books that some have read
They’re crawling from the hallowed ground
They’re Tearing earth in much abound
The Cemeteries emptied out
The Morgues are silent all throughout
Some are whole, some cut in two
Some are old and some are new
Finally they’re free
As far as we can see
All the living flee
The time has come to be

Those still living run like hell
Careful not to leave a trail
Don’t leave a scent that they can smell
Or they will find you without fail
Not a fortress can withstand
The walking dead severe demands
The hunger fuels them for their greed
For blood and brains is what they need

They’re in the schools and in the malls
They stormed the public conference halls
They spread their fear just like disease
And swarm their hate like killer bees
They’ll eat your guts and eat your brains
They’ll chase you down till you’re insane
They don’t feel peace they don’t feel pain
They only mass for undead reign

dead have come
beat the drum
life has lost
death has won
Zombies. Zombies. Zombies. Zombies.