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Close Your Eyes

Where do we go when we are dead?
I don’t know
I’m lying in my bed
And there’s something tapping at my window
I know it’s in my head
The sound of a woman’s voice as she’s softly crying
Now I have a feeling of dread
As my heart beats
Keeping the rhythm of my labored breathing
Coldness creeps into the room
Something is sliding on the floor
This night is quiet as a tomb
Something is pushing on the door
There is something in the house
Something in the house
Something in the house
And I can’t breath

I don’t believe in ghosts
They’re not real
But the tingling sensation up my spine
A cold chill
A quiet voice outside
My window a wind blows
Across my face it’s out of place
I trace it
Back to the corner of my room
There’s nothing there
Except the strange sensation of a hard glare
Like someone looking at me in anger
Like there’s someone coming at me in anger
And I feel an odd sensation of danger
An ever rising feeling of danger
There’s a hand on my throat
A hand on my throat
A hand on my throat
And I can’t breath

Windows Close and Doors will Open
Close your eyes
Close your eyes

Something is always watching…

I close my eyes in the dead of the night
But it doesn’t keep the fear out, it doesn’t keep the fear out.