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She’s So Haunted

She hears noises in the house when there’s nobody home
She hears voices in the other room when she’s all alone
There always seems to be static when she talks on the phone
When she walks into a room you feel the cold to the bone

There’s no explanations
As hard as you may try
With all the investigations
All that you would find

She’s so haunted
You will realize
She’s so haunted
You can see it in her eyes

She wears black all year long no matter what time or day
She is pale as a ghost the sun won’t take it away
She always seems to have shadows even when there’s no shade
When she walks into a room people start feeling afraid

Scratches on the window and marks upon the door
Ashes from the candles and the circle on the floor
Something very old is found and wasn’t there before
Something in the darkness lost to wander evermore