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It came from the dead
With the mark of a red wicked 6
Photographed vortex
Gave proof of this vile conjuring
Dark spells cast like a heart attack
From a long dead ghost
Tempted by a night time thrill
Cheated by a scream from a decoy

The ghost finished screaming forgets
Of the haunting for the protest
Metaphysical and insanely perverse
Of the tearing seal of ectoplasm
Of the tearing seal of ectoplasm
Floated then flew away
Jealous of attention from the warm bodied
And free its anger was so agitated
Flying smashed out of the window
It was captured by the infrared scanner
Full terror of what could become
Of this poltergeist lost among us
Seeking nothing but to feel
Thrown by this specter
There’s no escape from the stone

Retribution is in store

Look out!