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Dragged Down To The Basement

Dragged down the basement kicking and screaming

The modern sense of arrogance you have won’t help you here
That which you are dealing with is greater than you fear
All the signs that you’ve ignored are creeping ever near
You try to drown it out with logic but it ends in tears
A picture falls off the wall
Another light bulb dies
Crying sounds in the hall
Lights flicker, a lamp enlights

It’s so dark where we are
We are so angry
There was so, so much blood
We are so angry

Your modern sense of ignorance won’t help you end the night
The science in the toys you keep will only serve to spite
The darkness of the shadows move just outside your sight
Closing in to catch their prey closing in to bite
Scratch marks inside the door
A cold breeze passes you by
Lost keys found on the floor
A mirror cracks a cat cries

A twisted spine, a broken neck
We are so angry
Forgotten but not forgiven
We are so angry

We asked you to get out
We even tripped your dreams
We muttered in your ear
Now it’s time to scream
We smell your blood like roses
We taste your fear and sweat
Fingernails break their poses
Now we make good our threat

Dragged down to the basement kicking and screaming
and never seen again…